Sunday, November 2, 2008


Before I begin my post, please accept this reminder to VOTE Tuesday November 4, 2008. We are privileged to have a voice in our great country.

I have always liked Tuscan design, leading me to decorating with iron wall grilles. I like the different designs that are produced. Fleur-De-Lis, Circles, Leaves, Scrolls. There is an endless array to choose from and mix and match in your home decor. Here are a few wall grilles that I have in my own home. This first one though is from Internet images. Maybe you will be inspired to decorate your hallway, your head board, your porch and even outdoors. The areas are endless and so attractive.
I had this wall grille in my foyer until my most recent purchase in the next picture. I really love the design in this grille but for the size of my foyer wall, I needed something a bit larger. I am hoping to paint or stain my new grille with this same green patina. Hope I don't mess it up. Maybe I can get my daughter Chris from "Just a girl" to help me! She's really good at painting things!

Well, here is my newest purchase from "Hobby Lobby". This 39" black wall grille. I love how it covers more space than the one above. I will be painting it soon and will show you how it turns out.

Here is my foyer coming in from the front door. It is a spacious area and I think the larger grille looks better. What do you think?

I placed this grille in my Florida room. The rustic look of the brick wall seems to compliment the grille. This wall needed something, and framed pictures don't get it on a porch.

Here is another view of the Florida room grille. Just to show the space and size of the wall.

I want to end todays post with the beautiful view I have from my front porch.

These trees, are in my backyard. I took these yesterday. It was really sunny!

This picture shows how large these trees have gotten. I adore trees, but man what a job it is to bag and clean up all those leaves when they fall! Hope you enjoyed your visit.... come back soon.


Bella Casa said...

You have a beautiful home and I love those iron grills! Wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me, I never see those iron grills anywhere...well, I did get a couple of little ones at Big Lots, but I would like some BIGGER ones like you have, so pretty!

The trees around you are lovely. I love those yellow/lime green leaves this time of year, not sure what kind of trees those are, but I just love them.

Happy Fall :)


Mimi Sue said...

Grills really fill a big wall so nicely. You have some beauties. I love your green transferware dishes. I have done some crazy things because of my dish addiction myself. I can so relate!

Anonymous said...

Love your trees. What beautiful color........Fall is the best time of the year.

Twice as Nice said...

Now I want to sway your vote. Bless Our Nest is having a pumpkin contest. Fern's son carved a pumpkin and it is #21...Could we count on your vote??

Chris said...

Gorgeous pictures, Mom! I love the new grill on the wall. It's a perfect size! Hey, check out the party I'm having. You need to participate!

Viola said...

The advantage about retractable grilles is that they can be stacked out of sight behind the blinds or curtains when not required. They are made to measure to suit your openings and can either be reveal fitted or face fitted which means you do not have to spend money on adjusting your door or window openings.